Monday, October 19, 2009

Less than an hour, now...

...and Momma ML will have her Coco cradled in her arms!  She, Auntie Deb and Daddy Charly are no doubt en route to Bush International Airport to meet up with Coco as she de-planes at Gate C-30 in Terminal C

Above, We would like to share a photo of a Momma Coco, with what We believe was her first litter, born May 15, 2007. Coco herself was slightly less than 2 years old, having her birthday on September 25, 2005.

She did have a second litter in May 5th of 2008,  She appears a most caring and good momma, affectionate and attentive, true to her Heritage.

At the present time, weather conditions in Houston are pleasant, if not a but humid. Temperature is 51' with a slight ENE breeze of about 6 MPH. Visibility is excellent, and by now, perhaps Coco has decided on a nap.   It was said TRH Prince Brutus and Princess marigold slept the entire flight. And so they did!

In another  few moments, We will check back with you as The Homecoming Mommy ML has been looking forward to for days and days makes itself a reality!

1 comment:

  1. Who are TRH Prince Brutus and Princess marigold that slept through the flight?

    Can't wait to get ML & Charley's reaction to Coco's arrival. They must be soooooo excited!