Monday, October 19, 2009

Time to say Farewell, sweet Furrydance

At this time, 07:47  Meomie Teri has seen to it that Coco Charlize is checked in and is now in the process of boarding flight CO659, scheduled to depart at at 08:30.  There may be a gate hold or taxi delay of up to 15 minutes from departure point and at arrival in Houston, but the weather is clear thruoghout the flight plan, and what is left now is for the Pilot, his (or her) co-pilot and flight engineer to make their last on-board checklists and exterior inspection of Aircraft #239.

Things for Coco are undoubtedly confusing and a little unsettling, as We all find Ourselves when travelling.  Soon, she will be secured in her position aboard the aircraft, and offered water to drink.

We will be back soon with the present Weather conditions and any pertinent information regarding Madame President's scheduled flight momentarily.


  1. Bon Voyage Coco! Good luck on the flight, and hope it isn't too rough. You'll be getting an awesome furrever home real soon!


  2. And the excitements begins.....